_ History

ALDIES-GROUP is a joint venture made for the manufacturing and the trading of state of the art aluminium extrusion dies. In 2014 a strategic alliance between Aldies Hellas and Aldies Belgium took place. Engaging the quality of manufacturing of Aldies Hellas with the expertise in designing of Aldies Belgium, Aldies Group comes to offer special high quality products. With 2 production units, one in Greece and another coming, in Morocco, Aldies-Group, has the ability to deliver on time extrusion dies to Europe, Russia, Africa and the Gulf. With 6 branches, one in Belgium, one in Greece, one in Marocco, one in Qatar, one in Ukraine and one in Russia, we can deliver dies according to the needs of each market.

_ Group Stucture


Belgium: ALDIES BELGIUM (Sales)
Greece: ALDIES HELLAS (Sales)
Ukraine: ALDIES UKRAINE(Sales)
Qatar: ALDIES QATAR (Sales)


Belgium: ALDIES BELGIUM (Research & Development)


Greece: ALDIES HELLAS (Production Unit)
Maroc: ALDIES MAROC (comming soon)

_ Why choose ALDIES Group:

· ALDIES Group is a leader manufacturer of aluminium extrusion dies in Europe for more than 35 years; constantly investing in the latest equipment and developing new manufacturing techniques to improve the quality and lifetime of its products. Our highly skilled engineers, experienced designers and workers at all departments are working closely with their clients and they show a passion and desire for solving any complex die issues.
· In ALDIES Group we understand the importance of fast delivery, particularly for our international customers. Running a 24hour operation to ensure urgent orders can be processed as quickly as possible. If you are not getting this kind of quality from your extrusion die manufacturers get in touch with us. We will glad to help you and discuss your needs in further detail.
· Get informed about current economic conditions, offers, solutions, costs, and shippment details any time. Any feedback to our staff can make adjustments to optimize the design for better productivity and performance. Our custommers have also access to realtime information about everything during design and production process, using a personal password. To use this service press here.